• Send instant msgs to your network providers.

  • Share your practice times to other providers and build your own profile.

Exchange Files: Exchange any kind of documents with hospitals,nursing facilities, rehabs, labs and your referral providers network.

  • Create an E-signature to E-sign all documents.

  • Request and receive referrals electronic and track them.

  • Request for referral patient records and receive any CCD and CCR documents and download it to your existing
    EHR/EMR and reduce your paper work and manual data entry.

  • Send back the consulting notes, visit notes back your primary care physician. You can exchange visit notes in any format, exchange the files in CCD or CCR and download into EMR/EHR and merge with your existing patient records.

  • Share patient Lab reports, imaging and demos.

Electronic Referrals: Exchange elecronic referrals between your referral providers network.

  • Exchange elecronic referrals between PCP office and specialists office and eliminate paper work.

  • PCP(Primary care provider) office can send referral to specialists offices along with the electronic patient records including ICD codes, medical history, surgical history and active medications.

  • Specialist office can accept the electronic referral and download the patient electronic data to their HER/EMR system and make a patient record. It eliminates the duplicate data entry.

  • Specialists can request for more referrals to PCP and get the authorization on-line.

  • Use pre-approved referral templates from various insurances and send it to specialist offices. You can customize your own template.

Secure Email: You will have your own .md secure email by NPI and you own mail id. Both will be delivered to your email inbox.

  • Both provider and admin will get the secured emails by NPI number.

  • Communicate with providers via secured email with or

  • Auto download any type of file right from the email to your existing EMR/HER and covert into a patient visit record.

Fax: Even you have chosen to communicate electronically, still you need to send some faxes. Hence here is the solution.

  • You can send faxes and view the sent status.

  • Receive a FREE inbound fax number and receive right in to your inbox. You can send/receive 100 faxes for free per

    month.Please request us if you need more.

  • You can also download sent and received faxes into your existing EMR/HER.

  • Use your exiting fax machine to send faxes and tracking them online. Click here to setup the device to track the faxes.