Secure Files Exchange

Register with Referrals.MD network and exchange files with in your referral network or any other provider with the provider NPI number. Send a file and get the receipt acknowledgement from other party.

Send a request to receive the patient related information including demos, insuranes, Lab reports, current and previous health records.

Send and recevie CCR, CCD, PDF or any format of report files up to 10MB.

Send a consultation document to your Primary Care Provider in any format(CCD, CCR or PDF) right from your EHR/EMR using his/her NPI number . Send or receive a HMO patient referrals from PCP.

Sort and organize files online. You can download all incoming files in to your existing EMR/EHR as PDF files. Please see the configuration document to work with your EMR/EHR vendors. You can configure a job to auto download the files to your EHR/EMR.